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Tip #1 – NEVER take your car to an automated car wash.

The quickest way to ruin a perfectly ceramic coated vehicle is to take it to one of those drive through car washes – especially the ones with those brushes or mope-type cleaning equipment. These washes can instantly wreck your car’s ceramic coating as the soaps they use are really Ph aggressive, like an industrial detergent. These washes are not delicate enough for your coated vehicle and can ruin it in seconds.


Tip #2 – Wash your vehicle in low sunlight.

When you wash your car, it’s best to do it around early morning or sometime before sunset. Direct sunlight during car washes will instantly dry the soap on top of the coating, resulting in streaks or water spots. So, try to find an optimal time during the day when the sun isn’t right above your head.


Tip #3 – Always use a Ph neutral car shampoo.

FEYNLAB ceramic coatings protect your car in the best way possible, ensuring a glossy, hydrophobic surface. This results in fewer contaminants sticking to the top layer of the coating, making it easy to remove debris from the car paint surface. Due to this, there is no reason to use a harsh car shampoo or clay bar to clean the surface. Always use a Ph neutral car shampoo that contains no added wax. This wax can leave a residue on top of the coating which will reduce the hydrophobic properties, leaving your car surface dirty, which is the opposite of what a car shampoo should be doing.


Tip #4 – Stay Consistent. Use the same maintenance products.

Consistency is key when it comes to your car maintenance. Whether it’s changing the oil, checking your tire pressure, or maintaining your car’s ceramic coating. While many car enthusiasts love to try different products, this might not be a smart idea with ceramic maintenance sprays. We recommend that you contact the manufacturer of the ceramic coating brand you use to ask them for recommendations on what type of maintenance products you would need to increase the longevity of your car’s ceramic coating.


Tip #5 – Always use clean supplies and materials.

Anytime you wash, deep-clean, dry, or apply products to a coated car surface, make sure to avoid contamination of other cleaning supplies. Which means, anytime you’re using a microfiber towel, wash mitt, or buckets to wash your car, make sure they are completely clean and free of any dirt, debris, degreasers, etc.


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