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Our full detailing service is the ultimate choice when it comes to keeping your pride and joy looking as good as new. Designed to rejuvenate your vehicle's interior and exterior, our experienced team can transform your car, elevating its appearance.


We pride ourselves on delivering professional-grade detailing to our customers, utilizing the highest quality products to guarantee the finest finish possible.


Ready to transform your vehicle?

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What's Included?


Interior Detailing Excellence:

Regular use can leave your car interior looking tired and worn. Our full detailing service will help you restore your interior so that it looks as good as new. Going beyond a simple vacuum and wipe-down, our experienced team utilizes specialist tools, professional cleaning solutions, and the latest techniques to rejuvenate your car’s interior.


This deep clean interior detail targets every inch, removing dirt, dust, stubborn stains and grime to ensure you feel like you are driving your car straight out of the showroom!


Exterior Rejuvenation:

Of course, we don’t just focus on transforming your interior. Our full detailing service also involves meticulous cleaning and protection of your exterior. Your car will be treated to a pre-soak to remove bug, tar, and sap residue before a premium foam bath and hand wash is done to ensure dirt and grime are fully removed from the paintwork, as well as your wheels, tires, and tire wells. The car is thoroughly decontaminated using clay bar and chemical decontamination to remove anything embedded in the paint.


Only once your exterior is fully decontaminated our professional team then perform a paint enhancement polish, this process also known as “buffing” removes minor to light swirls, scratches and other defects while enhancing the vehicles paint and gloss, finished off with a 6-month sealant. This will create a gorgeous glossy finish that will ensure your car has an enviable shine and protection for up to six months.

Start transforming your car.

No matter what vehicle you drive, regular use will leave your interior and exterior in need of some TLC. Here at Exclusive Auto Detailing, we provide comprehensive car detailing in the Hudson Valley, utilizing our 15 years of experience to deliver exceptional results with every job.


We know how important your car is to you, which is why our full detailing covers every inch of the inside and outside, restoring it so that it looks as good as new. So, if you want to join hundreds of other satisfied customers, contact our team today to find out more about our detailing services, pricing, and availability.

Want to learn more? Check out our BLOG for answers to common detailing questions.

Thorough full detailing service at Exclusive Auto Detailing: Complete care for your vehicle's interior and exterior.

WHAT's Included?


  • Pre-Soak.

  • Bug, Tar & Sap Removal.

  • Foam Bath & 2 Bucket Hand Wash.

  • Full Chemical Decontamination & Clay Bar.

  • All Wheels, Tires & Wells Cleaned and Shined.

  • Paint Enhancement Polish.

  • 6 Month Paint Sealant.

  • Door & Trunk Jams Cleaned & Sealed.

  • Black Trims Dressed.

  • Streak Free Glass.

  • Remove All Mats, Covers & Lose Items.

  • Forced Air Between All Seats, Vents, Cracks & Crevices.

  • Thoroughly Vacuum Interior Including Trunk.

  • Clean All Panels, Dashboard, Consoles with Steam & Dedicated Cleaners.

  • Dress All Panels with UV Protectant (OEM Matte Finish)

  • Shampoo & Hot Water Extract All Upholstery.

  • Clean & Condition Leather (If Applicable).

  • Ozone Shock Odor Treatment (If Applicable & Additional Cost).


Included Paint Enhancement Polish Typically Yields 60%-70% Defect Removal and Gloss Enhancement. 

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To Summarize

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