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Exterior Detailing Service: Decontaminate, Shine, Protect!

At Exclusive Auto Detailing, we’ve meticulously crafted our Exterior Detailing services to cater to every aspect of your vehicle’s outer beauty. Whether you’re after a quick touch-up, a complete transformation, or the ultimate in paint correction and ceramic coating, we’re here to exceed your expectations!

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Are you looking for a regular touch to keep your car looking fresh or envisioning a complete rejuvenation to bring back its showroom shine? Maybe you're aiming for our top-tier service—a multi-step paint correction, refinement, and ceramic coating providing up to five years of unparalleled protection and durability.

Comprehensive Vehicle Care:

Our Exterior Detailing services cover every detail meticulously. Dive into our methodical process featuring a thorough wash, a gentle clay bar treatment, meticulous decontamination, precise polishing, and if desired, the application of advanced ceramic coatings. Not just focused on the paint, we also cater to the wheels, tires, glass, and trim. Whether it's a specific service or routine maintenance, our dedication to excellence remains steadfast. Utilizing premium products and advanced equipment, we ensure exceptional results for your vehicle, regardless of its initial condition.

Located in the town Poughkeepsie, NY, we’re your premier destination for superior auto detailing. Our commitment to meticulous exterior detailing, including premium options like ceramic coating and paint protection film, ensures your vehicle shines with unmatched brilliance.

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To Summarize

Our Exterior Detail Includes


  • Pre-Soak.

  • Bug, Tar & Sap Removal.

  • Foam Bath & 2 Bucket Hand Wash.

  • Chemical Decontamination & Clay Bar.

  • All Wheels, Tires & Wells Cleaned and Shined.

  • Paint Enhancement Polish.

  • 6 Month Paint Sealant.

  • Door & Trunk Jams Cleaned.

  • Streak Free Glass.


Included Paint Enhancement Polish Typically Yields 60%-70% Defect Removal and Gloss Enhancement. 

Multi-Step Paint Correction Is Additional.

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